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Design by the glass artist Prof. Aloys F. Gangkofner for Hessenglas GmbH(years 1954 - 1962)    Prof. Aloys F. Gangkofner is one of the great industrial designers for glass in the post-war period of the previous century. Gangkofner created his own glass style and significantly shaped the design options for glass in Germany during this time.

Gangkofner designed perfectly shaped bowls, vases and jugs with color overlays for the Hessenglaswerke, which generated great admiration at the trade fairs. His thick-walled, asymmetrical glass objects were a special novelty of the 1950s. The experienced glassmakers at Hessenglashütte gave Gangkofner the opportunity to combine his designs with series production.

A Mid Century Glass Vase By Aloys F. Gangkofner Gremany

SKU: 100
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