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Peter Frampton Antiques and Interiors Inc.

About Me

My goal is to support you every step of the way. Be it working with you or your designer helping to fulfil your dreams.  I want you to feel assured that your purchase is of the highest caliber. With over 40 years in the industry I am confident I can find whatever you need for your period interior, from rare antiques to the best of mid-century design.  I am always searching for unique and wonderful oddities and believe quality should never be a compromised.  I mainly specialize in 17th to the 20th century decorative arts and fine art. I sell online and at antique and vintage shows in Toronto and throughout southern Ontario. 


  • Rental fee for prop or staging 10% of retail price per week 

  • Agent or consultant fee buying and selling or traveling on your behalf to be discussed 

  • Appraisals fees for probate, fair market value or insurance $300.00 per hour plus traveling

  • All services are by appointment only and are taxable 13% GST

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